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Equitably design, build, and scale solutions that create financial security for child care entrepreneurs and meet the demand for care in child care deserts


EQUITY | Design for and with child care entrepreneurs in child care deserts

BOTH/AND | Strengthen business administration as well as caregiving and early education skills

SCALE | Engage community partners in market research & cultural responsiveness; use technology to extend reach

WIN-WINS | Identify solutions that address problems for families, caregivers & communities 

Increase Income

By focusing on the poorest children, optimizing child-age ratios, and applying sound business administration principles, home-based child care business owners can earn $45K to more than $100K depending on location and business size

Improve Job Quality

By facilitating access to health insurance and retirement savings opportunities through public systems or lower-cost private sector investment managers, job quality and health and wealth outcomes improve for business owners and their assistants

Decrease Expenses

By making automated business administration affordable, leveraging bulk purchasing and facilitating food reimbursements and access to free or low-cost tax assistance, home-based child care business owners can reduce out-of-pocket expenses, thereby increasing incomes

Build Wealth

By packaging access to capital for start-up and expansion grants, credit-building, shared equity homeownership, and contributions to retirement savings, home-based child care business owners build wealth

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