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Little Steps Daycare

Established 2023


Before coming to this country, Luz ran a business in Mexico selling tacos, juices and coffee; her husband, Alberto, worked in a factory. She said, "We had our jobs, a nice life, but we wanted a better life for our children. So, we came here."

For five years, Luz stayed home with their four children, in part because she didn't know where to look for care. Now that her children are older, she wants to "bring another income into the family." She has always liked taking care of children, particularly babies, so a child care business was a natural fit.

Just as her family was involved with her business in Mexico, they will also be part of her child care business. She said, "All of us, as a family, are going to help each other because the business will be in our home." Luz's 15-year-old daughter took Nurture's course alongside her mother, and has the required health & safety certificates. Luz said, "as I learn, I am teaching my kids the way of my business." She continued, "if they would like, I would love to pass this business on to my daughters when they are older."

Luz is confident that she has the information she needs to start a successful business. She says, "I feel secure because, as we did the Learning Pathways step-by-step, I knew that Nurture was helping me learn everything I needed." She also appreciates that she "can go back to the material to see if anything needs to be reworked later."

Luz liked learning in a small group. "We learned a lot from each other," she said. Each week, she and her compañeras shared their ideas and experiences, and took this "journey together as a group."

With the start-up grant she received from Nurture, Luz was able to purchase cribs, child-sized furniture, safety equipment, and advertising materials. And about Nurture's Coach, she said, "Thank you for your patience. When we got stuck, you helped us get unstuck."

Luz has enrolled her first few children and is ready to continue learning. She said, "I feel sure of myself. ... There is a pleasure in starting something new."

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