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Marketin Strategies Overview

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This policy establishes the parameters regarding the recovery of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) tuition and training refunds.

  • Nurture, a fiscally sponsored project of the 501(c)3 Mission Asset Fund, is responsible for determining whether a refund is due for early termination of a participant’s training.

  • Nurture will track weekly attendance and completion of coursework.

  • On a quarterly basis, Nurture will determine the portion of training completed by participants who terminate early, based on weekly attendance and completion of coursework.

  • Nurture will return a portion of tuition and training costs to the funder, according to the following schedule.

Attended and completed coursework for:

​Weeks 1 – 2: Refund 80 percent ($4,000)

Weeks 3 – 6: Refund 60 percent ($3,000)

Weeks 7 – 9: Refund 40 percent ($2,000)

Weeks 10 – 12: Refund 0 percent ($0)

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