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Nurture’s service delivery model is anchored by partnerships with local stakeholders in child care deserts. With partners, we design customized service strategies to meet the specific needs of aspiring and struggling home-based child care entrepreneurs. The focus of these partnerships includes outreach, service linkages, and funding.


Nurture partners with community-based organizations, child care resource & referral and welfare-to-work agencies, school districts, community colleges, and small business development centers to symbiotically achieve aligned organizational missions.


Local government, workforce development, and small business development are funding partners, which underwrite training and start-up grants for entrepreneurs in their communities.

Funders and Partners

Partner Spotlight


Stanislaus 2030—a public-private partnership advancing economic prosperity for all—engaged Nurture to conduct a local landscape analysis and six-month learning pilot to demonstrate how we can turn child care entrepreneurship into a good job and meet the demand for licensed care in Stanislaus County.

This partnership is demonstrating how we can move the needle on intractable problems through scalable innovation, coordinated community engagement, and multi-sector financial resources.

Read the summary report, From Child Care Desert to Oasis, which details our analysis, lessons, and 10-year implementation plan to incubate or expand 1,500 home child care businesses, create 12,000 new permanent licensed child care spaces, and generate an annual economic impact of $408 million.

Funding Partnership Opportunities

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