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Do It Yourself

TIP #1: Natural Light

  • Take photos during the day; open the curtains to let more light in.
  • Shoot different parts of your space when the light is best; you want the space to be bright, but avoid the sun directly streaming through your windows, which may create spots that are too bright and dark.
  • Turn off the lights; they can cast unwanted shadows and change the color of photos.


TIP #2: Tidy Up!

  • Clutter can be distracting in photo. Remove items that make your space look messy.


TIP #3: Consider Composition

  • For shots that are staged, take a test photo. Ask youself: Is there something in the scene that doesn’t work? Could you move something or add a splash of color to make the photo more interesting?


TIP #4: Take a Mix of Staged and Candid Photos

  • You can take pictures of your space with or without children present.

  • With parents' permission, take candid pictures of children engaging in activities.

  • Ask a family member to take photos of you while you’re interacting with children.

  • For your About Me website page, you can use either a candid photo of you that includes children or a posed picture.

Do It Yourself

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